• Agenda 2020

    This time’s CIO&Leader conference will have a brand new item, Agenda 2020—a highly immersive exercise to put the power of collective thinking to effective use.

    In groups of 5-6, the attending CIOs will deliberate together to create an actionable agenda for themselves and their peers for the next three years. Each group will deliberate on one pre-decided specific aspect. Topics will be drawn from across CIOs’ domain of responsibility—technology, strategy, operations, leadership etc.

    Some of the tentative topics include

    - Changing cloud model
    - IoT
    - Blockchain
    - Big Data/Analytics
    - Risk management and security
    - AI/Machine learning/virtual reality
    - Talent acquisition and management
    - Digital transformation
    - IT operation management
    - Changing role of technology in business and its implications
    - Macroeconomic changes in India and its implications
    - Industry specific solutions in selected industries

    Each group will make a presentation. All the members of the winning team gets to win….

    All these will be compiled, edited and published as a book—that will be sent to more than a 1000 of CIOs and CXOs across India.

    Agenda 2020 will be

    - Deeply engaging
    - Highly challenging
    - Immensely useful, as it pertains to their area of work
    - Extremely fruitful exercise; as it will create an actionable agenda
    - Will benefit IT managers beyond who are attending; the book will be sent to many more CIOs
    - Will provide the partners to take topic sponsorship thereby showing their thought leadership in that area
    - Will provide the partners to reach out to the CIOs who will not be there physically through the book


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