CIO@2020 - New Challenges; Newer Possibilities

    The new CIO will have to multitask using multiple talents and contribute to multiple facets of business. SOA, Blockchain, Data, Security, Cloud are the tools that will help facilitate this transition. The conference aims to decipher, discuss and deliberate what is going to be the agenda, the investment pattern and the buying pattern for the business and not just IT.

    This year, the conference will start on Friday, 4th August and will be on till Sunday, 6th August 2016 at the Ananta, Udaipur. We have an exciting conference agenda that includes simulations, discussions, case studies and sessions by CMOs and CFOs. An exciting new simulation on building your own startup will give all participants a firsthand experience in all areas of business decision making like product mix, marketing, finance and logistics. 
    While a full fledged agenda will follow, given below are a few of the new initiatives we are really excited about: 

    Speed Dating -Break the ice
    - Engage Rapid
    - Synchronized 1x1 exclusives 6 meetings in 1 hour 
    - 3 from your wish list 

    Ideas Cafe- A powerful social tool based on conversational leadership Theme based discussions 1.5 hours of intense engagement with 30-40 CIOs. 

    CIO Lounge -Engage a select group of 10-12 CIOs
    -CIOs from your wishlist
    -Exclusive hour over evening wine and cheese or breakfast 

    Agenda 2020- This time’s CIO&Leader conference will have a brand new item, Agenda 2020—a highly immersive exercise to put the power of collective thinking to effective use. In groups of 5-6, the attending CIOs will deliberate together to create an actionable agenda for themselves and their peers for the next three years. Each group will deliberate on one pre-decided specific aspect. Topics will be drawn from across CIOs’ domain of responsibility—technology, strategy, operations, leadership etc.

    The Wishing Tree- A powerful visual leadgen tool CIOs anonymously make a wish (IT deployment related) and hang it on the wishing tree Sponsoring partner gets an opportunity to pitch solution corresponding to the wishes made by the CSOs. 

    The Uber Fun Quotient - Gala diner and City Palace exploration Enjoy a magnificent sunset during the cultural night while enjoying the Rajasthani cuisine. Explore the majestic City Palace of Udaipur and return to the resort with plenty of time to enjoy your evening.

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