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  • We are now living in the New Normal – a digital universe of shrinking human interaction. How can you carve out a distinct place for your company in this largely contactless and transactional world? How can you build that exclusive rapport and trust with your clients in the absence of personal interaction? How can you distinguish yourself from the herd?

    As we learn to negotiate a new world order, we need to find new ways to enable personal connect with our customers and clients. The CIO Gurukul is where you can engage in strategic conversations with the IT leadership. Learn what the technology fraternity wants in an informal collaborative environment. Discuss their challenges, co-create solutions and take charge of the future.

    The 22nd CIO&Leader Annual Conference is the perfect platform to take the discussions forward in your domain and lay down the reference roadmap for the industry, i.e., the CIO Gurukul.

    Lead the future with The 22nd CIO&Leader Annual Conference!

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