What’s New?

Deep Dive Plus

The immensely successful Deep Dive, introduced in 19thCIO&Leader Conference in 2018, is back in a value-added new avatar.

The original Deep Dive was designed to give the participating CIOs a sense of creating real business value from emerging technologies by showing the use cases for a new technology, solving real life business challenges with application of that technology while delivering in-depth knowledge of technologies and application. The format combined presentations by neutral subject matter experts, practitioner CIOs, and industry experts with solving of a challenging case study to give delegates a comprehensive understanding of the technology's potential business applications.

Deep Dive Plus goes a step further by making it even more realistic. In addition to the three stakeholders who presented in Deep Dive, Deep Dive Plus will prominently feature leading CXOs from the industry who would provide the business side perspective of the technology as applied to create business impact.

Deep Dive Plus will have:
  • • Introduction to the topic by 9.9 editor
  • • Talk by SME speaker
  • • Presentation by CXO
  • • Tech-side view by technology expert
  • • Practitioners’ perspective by a CIO
  • • Challenging business case study solving in groups
  • • Presentation by each of the participating groups

Reloaded: The CIO Red Book

Reloaded: The CIO Red Book is the collection of expert advice by groups of CIOs to broader enterprise IT community for bringing in disruptive change—inducing the Reloaded moment leveraging 20 different technologies and tools. This is based on the participating CIOs’ own Reloaded moments around those technologies.

It will feature contributions from about 100 leading CIOs with the following insights

  • Expert advice on introducing disruptive positive change to business leveraging a key technology—across 20 technologies
  • The ‘reloaded’ moment:A personal experience of succeeding with a disruptive change of all participating CIOs
  • Priorities 2019-2020: The CIO’s priorities in the next 12-18 months
  • Basic professional and personal information about the CIOs